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“Every human life matters. Irrespective of the age, every patient who comes to the hospital likes to walk back to their home on their own feet. What do you think a 14-year-old, young boy would like to do when he is admitted in the hospital for a critical illness? Yes, he would like to run and jump with joy the moment he gets discharged.”

This is the story of a family from West Bengal who came all the way to Vellore -Tamil Nadu, to admit their 14-year-old boy who had been diagnosed with tuberculosis and a kidney failure. The boy was in an extremely critical condition and he required immediate intensive care for further treatment.

When the CIPACA team of doctors were connecting the lifesaving equipment to treat the boy, the family members broke down with emotions and started confronting the CIPACA team. The family could communicate in Bengali only. Our assistant unit coordinator, who could understand and speak Bengali, started pacifying the family and the treatment started. CIPACA’s diversity policy not only adds value to patient care, but it also helps in communicating with the care takers too.

Within a few days the family members started cooperating with the CIPACA team and felt at home, as they were able to convey their emotions in their mother tongue to the assistant unit coordinator and were able to understand the situation.

Since the boy was in an extremely critical condition, there was a need for 12 units of blood. Unfortunately, the family was running out of funds and felt helpless at this juncture. They communicated their concerns with one of our staff members.

After understanding their financial crisis, the entire CIPACA team got into action & sourced the blood through donors, and some of the CIPACA staff also volunteered for blood donation. Witnessing this kind of gesture from the team, the family members profusely thanked the entire team.

The treatment continued, but the boy was still in a critical condition. The family members found it difficult to clean the bio-waste due to the typical foul smell that it emitted. However, CIPACA’s team of committed staff handled the situation graciously and on witnessing the incidents that followed, the family members were emotionally touched & expressed their gratitude.

On the day of the boy’s surgery, the doctors were busy preparing the boy. The family was preparing themselves to pay the bills and the CIPACA administrative team was working hard to minimize their charges.

However, after 40 days of continuous struggle, it was very unfortunate to see him take his last breath. The family members were devastated and left with deep sorrow. The entire CIPACA team was shocked too, to see him dying despite all their efforts.

In such a situation, family members might become agitative, but in this case the family once again thanked the team for trying their best to save his life and for reducing their bills too.

When people come from other states, they are not only rating the hospital, but they are also evaluating the people and the place too. CIPACA is not only setting a benchmark in patient care, but they are also setting a benchmark on how to work towards reducing dissatisfaction during adversity.

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CIPACA strives to provide the best emergency care and ICU services to patients across hospitals of different types. We set up, maintain and manage ICUs in compliance with international standards.

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