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Surguja District of Chattisgarh welcomes a new chapter in ICU Services – Shri Mahavir Hospital partners with CIPACA to deliver city standards of ICU Care in Ambikapur

“With an amicable partnership between CIPACA and Shri Mahavir Hospital, people of Ambikapur will be benefited from the highest quality of ICU care, and that too at a cost-effective price range.”

Shri Mahavir Hospital enters into a blissful ICU partnership with CIPACA

The Surguja District of Chhattisgarh has now opened doors to world-class ICU services at just one-fourth the cost after Shri Mahavir Hospital launched its ICU partnership with CIPACA. With a staggering ICU care experience of saving countless lives in an emergency, CIPACA vows to save numerous more lives for the residents of Ambikapur and Surguja combined.



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International Benchmark Shri Mahavir Hospital,

ICU Survival Rate


International Benchmark

"Overall,mortality rates in patients admitted to adult ICUs average 10% to 29%,depending on age, comorbidities, and illness" severity.


ICU Clinical Patient Satisfaction Rate


International Benchmark

Satisfaction level to physician's communication = 80%.


ICU Readmission Rate


International Benchmark

According to the different definitions of ICU readmissions based on previous, the rate of ICU readmission ranges from 4.6% to 13.4%, and the in­" hospital mortality rate of patients with ICU readmission ranges from 13.3% to "41.5%.


VAP Rate


International Benchmark

VAP rates were reported per 1,000 patient-days, patient-days at risk, ventilator-days, and ventilator­ days at risk. Of the 1,068 patients admitted,VAP developed in 106 (23.5%) of those mechanically ventilated.


24 hrs Medical Ambulance Service in Ambikapur

Medical emergencies do not wait for anyone. CIPACA and Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Centre, Ambikapur is here to help you, care for you and provide you with 24 hours ambulance service that you can trust.

The ambulance services are well equipped with trained personnel to provide quick and reliable emergency medical treatment, 24 hours and 365 days, and help you reach our emergency and ICU care hospital within no time.

The ambulance personnel very well understand the importance of getting the right treatment at the right time and are well trained to handle any medical emergency that might dawn upon you. The ambulances are well sanitized and clean to provide safe services and available for your immediate medical needs, at any time.

24-hour ambulance service in Ambikapur is now only a call away to help you and get you the care you can trust


24 hours Emergency ICU Hospital in Ambikapur, Chattisgarh

Shri Mahavir Hospital, Ambikapur

Ambikapur is a city in the state of Chhattisgarh. The city experiences various weather conditions throughout the year and has varying geographical locations. Busy roads and different geographical variations in and around the city, make emergency and critical care services necessary and significant

In case of any traumatic injury or emergency, first aid and medical attention should be given to the patient within a few minutes at an advanced emergency hospital in Ambikapur to increase the chances of recovery. However, due to the lack of advanced medical resources and 24 hours ICU Hospital in Ambikapur the residents were forced to travel to the nearest cities for medical attention.

The need of the hour was a 24-hour emergency hospital in Ambikapur with advanced emergency medical services in Ambikapur, trauma and ICU care, 24 by 7 ambulance services in Ambikapur accessible and affordable to every section of society. CIPACA, with its customized solutions and a multi-disciplinary team, has collaborated with Shri Mahavir Hospital, a 24 hours hospital in Ambikapur.

By setting up, managing, and maintaining an ICU Hospital in Ambikapur and managing an emergency ambulance in Ambikapurthey are making 24 hrs hospitals in Ambikapur available to all.

Emergency and ICU services offered by CIPACA at Shri Mahavir Hospital, Ambikapur, Chattisgarh


Accident & Trauma Care


Blood Vomiting

Cancer Emergencies

Chest Pain


Head Injury

Heart Attack

Heart Failure


Snake/Insect Bites


Kidney Failure

Liver Failure



Respiratory Problems



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CIPACA strives to provide the best emergency care and ICU services to patients across hospitals of different types. We set up, maintain and manage ICUs in compliance with international standards.

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