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“Today, people prefer jobs that are not only lucrative, but also jobs that do not involve much of hardships. But there is one set of youngsters who are mentally prepared to take up nursing as their profession, which has its own hardships and occupational hazards.”

This story is of a young nurse who joined CIPACA after serving in a multi-specialty hospital for 5 years. Unlike others, she did not look for a promotion or a salary hike, she was thoroughly inspired with the vision of CIPACA and their service to humankind.

When the entire world was rattled with COVID-19, many new medical professionals deferred to take up jobs in hospitals out of fear, but this young nurse decided to take up a job in CIPACA COVID care for two powerful reasons.

“The day I decided to be a nurse, is the day I decided to serve the people, despite of the hardships I will face.” She also concluded her reason with one more statement- “If nurses do not stand for the patients, who will?”

She was seeing the cases rising daily, but her determination to serve the patients never decreased. With the help of her colleagues and guidance from the doctors she gave her best and earned a name for herself in her new job.

When patients were being admitted to the hospital, they did have a solace from the caretakers who were along with them, but COVID is one such disease where nobody could serve the patients other than the frontline staff. This young lady was handling a 74-year-old man who cried in the ward because he was missing his family and was worried about the disease. At this juncture, she felt that it is not just the nursing skills that will cure these patients, but it is also going to take the love and care of a family member to make a difference.

She affirmed herself that she is out there to serve her family members and took pride in her role. After a few days, the old man was discharged with a smile on his face and thanked the team for their support and care.

COVID does not differentiate between the rich or poor, frontline staff or a senior doctor. It mercilessly attacks everyone in contact and this young nurse who was bent upon serving the COVID patient, was tested COVID positive. However, CIPACA as an organization that breaths care and support,extended all the support to her in her quarantine days. Today, she is back to her job to serve the humankind.

There are many such unsung warriors who put their lives at risks to ensure justice to the role they play. Next time when you come across a nurse, just look into her eyes and thank her for the sacrifices that she makes.

Those who love to make a difference in their life join the CIPACA team to carry their mission of saving lives in rural India. If you feel that every life is important, visit our website to know how you can establish a CIPACA ICU Centre in your hometown.

Some live, but people in CIPACA live to ensure everyone lives with good health and mind!!!

CIPACA strives to provide the best emergency care and ICU services to patients across hospitals of different types. We set up, maintain and manage ICUs in compliance with international standards.

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