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24 hours Emergency ICU Hospital in Pithapuram

MS Multi speciality Hospital, Pithapuram, Andhra Pradesh

MS Multi-specialty Hospital is located in Pithapuram, Andhra Pradesh on the eastern side of the fertile Godavari River. It is a 21 bedded hospital lying in the Pithapuram constituency comprising of 3 mandals. It is one of the leading hospitals in orthopaedic care and rheumatology. Dr G Suresh Babu (MBBS, MS Ortho), Managing Director of the hospital is a well-renowned orthopaedic surgeon in the area and well known by the mass of Pithapuram for his years of clinical expertise and knowledge.

Right now, Kakinada is the major city from Pithapuram, located at an approximate distance of around 25 km away from Pithapuram taking around half an hour for any patient to go to Kakinada to avail for ICU care. Apart from Kakinada, Vizag is the closest ICU location from Pithapuram that is roughly 120 km.

So, we can say that between Kakinada and Vizag, there is no proper hospital specially dedicated to ICU Care. With the establishment of many new hospitals in the past 5-6 years, Pithapuram is developing as a tertiary medical care hub. However, lack of dedicated critical care and ICU unit, many patients are still required to be shifted to Kakinada / Vizag for critical care support.

With CIPACA partnering with MS Multi-speciality Hospital, Pithapuram, 50 villages and other nearby mandals in and around Pithapuram can be empowered who otherwise would travel to Vizag or Kakinada for critical care. They will not only be saving numerous lives in an emergency during a crucial time of golden hour but also a lot of money, thereby saving the patient and their family from extreme financial distress.

MS Multi-speciality Hospital will empower and transform rural critical care in the coming 5 years. The number of lives and families they will save in the next few years is unimaginable considering the magnitude of the geography and availability of expert teams to deliver ICU of world-class standards.

24 hrs Medical Ambulance Service in Pithapuram

Medical emergencies do not wait for anyone. CIPACA and MS Multi speciality Hospital, Pithapuram is here to help you, care for you and provide you with 24 hours ambulance service that you can trust.

The ambulance services are well equipped with trained personnel to provide quick and reliable emergency medical treatment, 24 hours and 365 days, and help you reach our emergency and ICU care hospital within no time.

The ambulance personnel very well understand the importance of getting the right treatment at the right time and are well trained to handle any medical emergency that might dawn upon you. The ambulances are well sanitized and clean to provide safe services and available for your immediate medical needs, at any time.

24-hour ambulance service in Pithapuram is now only a call away to help you and get you the care you can trust.

Emergency and ICU services offered by CIPACA at MS Multi speciality Hospital, Pithapuram, Andhra Pradesh.


Accident & Trauma Care


Blood Vomiting

Cancer Emergencies

Chest Pain


Head Injury

Heart Attack

Heart Failure


Snake/Insect Bites


Kidney Failure

Liver Failure



Respiratory Problems





Emergency & ICU Services offered by CIPACA at
MS Multi speciality Hospital, Pithapuram

Treating patients with severe or life-threatening illnesses and injuries

Providing constant care in close supervision from life support equipment and medication

Stabilization of a highly unstable patient to normal conditions

Performing procedures like A-Line, C-Line, Ryles’ Tube Feeding, Intravenous Channeling etc

Optimum life support and adequate monitoring of vital functions

24x7 dedicated team of doctors, nurses, paramedical and ICU administrators tending to patient care.


Round the clock team of ICU professionals available

Affordable and accessible at 25% of what is charged in metropolitan city hospitals

1,00,000+ Lives saved through our ICUs in the last 6 years

Clocked 50,00,000+ Hours of Critical Patient Care Experience

Offers quality ICU Care at par with International and National benchmarks such as JCI, NHS, ISCCM etc



MS Multi speciality Hospital

Punjab national bank building,
1st floor, opp. main post office,
Madhava Nagar, Pithapuram,
Andhra Pradesh - 533450

CIPACA strives to provide the best emergency care and ICU services to patients across hospitals of different types. We set up, maintain and manage ICUs in compliance with international standards.

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