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BS Hospital, Ooty joins hands with CIPACA to bring Chennai Level ICU care to people of Nilgiris

Hearty thanks to
Shri Ellithorai Ramachandran,
Minister of Forests, Tamilnadu for inaugurating the setup and sharing motivating words about CIPACA & BS Hospital

CIPACA Diaries

Every human being sleeps at night with the hope of waking up physically and mentally strong. But for some, the same nights become a nightmare owing to health complications or sleep disorders.

This story is of a middle-aged man, who on one odd nightslept after spending some quality time with his family members. He woke up around 2 a.m. complaining of chest pain.







Operational Intelligence

“Rated as The Best Rural ICU Service Provider for 2021 (Won 5 Awards)”

Dr. Suresh Babu, MBBS, MS

MD, MS Multi-Specialty Hospital, Pithapuram, Andhra Pradesh

“I believe, with this first ventilator case going out, they would become the reference point for us as far as critical care is concerned. Now, we would have a lot of patients coming to our ICUs and going back in stable condition. MS Multi-specialty hospital is primarily an orthopedic or gynecological center, however, in the next six months, I am hoping that this center would elevate to become a critical care center.”


Business Development

“Increase your hospital turnover by 2 times”

Dr. Arun Kulanthaivelu

President, Westminster Hospitals, Nungambakkam

“CIPACA and Westminster Hospitals have joined hands to serve every needy patient suffering from the COVID emergency. We have opened our services to the people of Chennai to make the slightest bit of our contribution to support our people and the Government.”


ICU Staff Training

“Teaching best practices is a habit here. 400+ ICU Trained Staff.”

Dr Balaji Nandagopal, PhD, MACE, MNAMS, FIMSA, FACSc, MBA

Director and Trustee
Sri Narayani Hospital and Research Centre, Sripuram, Vellore

“It’s not just that CIPACA has come to the centre to develop it but it’s really great to see this training program that Dr Raja has started and how these students have worked diligently at each place to save so many lives. It is really impressive to see how CIPACA has given us a team of doctors who are flexible with time frames and can work round the clock. Their intensive care training programme is a very big task that he has successfully managed to bring out to the community.”


Medico Legal

“Be completely relieved from medico legal hassles”

Dr Arumugusamy MBBS, MS

Managing Director,
Sri Kumaran Health Centre Pvt. Ltd, Retteri

“CIPACA's core specialty lies in elevating primary, rural or small level hospitals to become tertiary care centres by delivering quality services at par with city hospitals.”


Quality Indicator

“International quality standards are our clear benchmarks”

Dr Arumugusamy MBBS, MS

Managing Director,
Sri Kumaran Health Centre Pvt. Ltd, Retteri

“CIPACA's core specialty lies in elevating primary, rural or small level hospitals to become tertiary care centres by delivering quality services at par with city hospitals.”


Win-win model

“CIPACA team puts skip into the game”

Dr. Mary Punitha, MBBS, MS

MD, Sumathy Hospital, Villupuram

“Earlier Villupuram didn’t have any ICUs; there were casualty centres but not ICUs. Critically ill patients coming to nearby centres would be referred out to Government health centres or to city hospitals. When we established a critical care unit in our hospital, not only did it open the doors to treat critically ill patients with prompt diagnosis and right treatment but the lost faith was restored and we were able to revive the patients, struggling on the brink of death thereby helping them to recover completely.”


Transparency to the core

“Be completely assured of openness in all transactions”

Dr. Sumit Das, MBBS, MS, MS (G&OB)

Director, Unakoti Nursing Care and Hospitals, Kailashahar, Tripura

“Each life is essential, special in times of emergency, and the fact that we could receive such lives in critical situations is only possible because of CIPACA having its ICU here in our hospital. I wholeheartedly congratulate the team of CIPACA as well as that of Unakoti Nursing Care and Hospitals and all the doctors who have attended to this case successfully and delivered the highest quality patient care possible. I take this occasion to congratulate them on their big achievement.”


Affordable care

“Patients have to pay only 1/20th of the cost compared to city hospitals.”

Dr. Vignesh Raj, MBBS, MS

MD, Rajarajeswari Multi-Specialty Hospital, Dindigul

“Compared to metro cities where the cost of medical expenses skyrockets, our ICU charges per day amounts for Rs. 4,500 to 8,500! We are proud that middle class and lower middle class people can benefit a lot through our ICUs.”

Award Winning ICU Care

CIPACA has emerged as a leading ICU care provider in the country, operating ICUs at several hospitals, ranging from primary to tertiary hospitals as well as teaching hospitals, across several states, managing more than 300+ ICU beds - the largest number operated by any single organization in the rural sector.


CIPACA’s ICU operations have provided huge savings for the poor patients

CIPACA, a leading rural ICU care provider, has said that it is confident of achieving its target of building 1000 rural ICU beds in the next 2-3 years as its disruptive business model has not only gathered


CIPACA expands to Tripura, sets up new ICU

Chennai, Aug 28 (PTI): Healthcare service provider CIPACA (Chennai Interventional Pulmonology and Critical Care Associates) said it commenced operations in the northeastern State of Tripura on Saturday, according to an official.


Patients trust CIPACA in times of Emergency

Saved 1 Lakh+ lives & Counting

Here are a few stories, that can give you insights about what happens during emergency and how we support our patients.


One ICU in every Taluk of India!

Raised 10 lakh+ and saved 7000+

CIPACA Foundation, with the support of good hearts like you, helps people who cannot afford critical care.

CIPACA strives to provide the best emergency care and ICU services to patients across hospitals of different types. We set up, maintain and manage ICUs in compliance with international standards.

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