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Transformation of Rural Critical Care

There is always a dire need for critical care in India. There are numerous hospitals in India that run without ICUs, thus creating a gap in the delivery of critical care […]

Bonded By Care!!!

Every human being goes to sleep in the night with a hope of waking up physically and mentally strong. For some night becomes a nightmare due to sleep disorders or […]


“Every human life matters and irrespective of age every patient who comes to the hospital would like to walk back to their home on their own feet. What do you […]

Every Life Matters!!!

“On a midnight, a family was accompanying an old woman in an Ambulance from a hospital to their village, with a sense of helplessness. The ambulance attender requested the family […]

CIPACA strives to provide the best emergency care and ICU services to patients across hospitals of different types. We set up, maintain and manage ICUs in compliance with international standards.

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